250: Checklists, automated checklists, and REALLY automated checklists with Pete!

The ADHD Podcast Episode 250: Checklists

We all have repetition in our lives. But until you stop and think about all the things that repeat around you, you may not know what you’re missing. So, it’s through the lens of task lists that we’re going to talk about some of the options for using technology — the simple and the advanced — to build our checklists quickly and efficiently and ensure we’re not missing a single step in the otherwise invisible processes we take on each day.

Links & Notes

A quick walkthrough of the Workflow that I use to get a new checklist into 2Do as referenced in episode 250 of The ADHD Podcast. Credit for this goes to CGPGrey for building the initial workflow and sharing it widely! http://theadhdpodcast.com/podcast/250