Organizing Steps

277: Introducing The Paper Solution

We're talking about the issues that come with paper clutter today, and we have a plan to help you deal with it in a new online course: The Paper Solution. It’s an ADHD-friendly organizing system and an approach to paper designed to help you clear both the physical and mental clutter that comes from out of control paper in your life

251: The Secret to Organizing with ADHD

It’s true, if you’re struggling with getting organized and you’re living with ADHD, there’s likely a key challenge holding you back. It lurks there, in the back of your mind, an invisible standard to which you will never live up. We’re taking on this subconscious demon on the show today, kicking off a series on ADHD organizing principles that will help you get on track, stay on track, and recover when you fall down. 

139: Three Facts To Know About Sorting

Do you remember, back in grade school, the frustration you would feel when you would ask your teachers, “when am I ever going to use this?” Their answers were never satisfying, because you didn’t care. You didn’t want to do it, no matter what they had to say. Well, people, here’s the thing: Sorting is like grade school math. You’ll hate learning how to do it, because you’ll want so badly to move on to bigger and better things. And still, you’ll notice that sorting is a common theme here on Taking Control. That’s because the simple truth is that sorting is the most important foundational skill you can develop in your efforts to become a better organizer, and take control of your space and time. When you sort, you are exercising so many different muscles; time management, decision making, motivation and focus, all things that serve and support you in the whole organizing process. Today on Taking Control, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright share three facts about the sorting process to help you navigate the changes to come this holiday season. 

134: Planning to Organize

If you're overwhelmed by disorganization, and someone tells you to "stop, slow down, make a plan," you're as likely to listen to them as you are to come right off the rails, take all your stuff to the middle of the street, and light it on fire. But wait, don't do that, this is important. This week on Taking Control, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright take on a listener question on clutter, and use the opportunity to address one of the most important aspects to big organizing challenges: Planning.