378: Organizing with ADHD — Part 5(ish): Addressing the Paper Piles!

It’s paper day! Dealing with your paper piles requires a unique approach that is more of a cousin to the four steps we’ve been practicing thus far. First thing to note: paper organizing has no end! Once you wrap your head around that, we can get started in building a system to efficiently categorize and stay up-to-date on the paper without becoming overrun by piles!

324: Email is Not Precious! — and other stress-relieving axioms to save you time

Is your ADHD brain adapting to the always-open door to your life that is electronic mail? This week on the show, we’re talking about changes in lifestyle, behavior, and technology you can make to impact your relationship with email for the better!

95: Donate, don't rotate!

Fight the churn! You know it happens to you -- you're delighting in the act of moving things around all the while avoiding making the tough decisions that come with getting organized. But remember, just because it's activity, doesn't make it organizing activity. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about rotation, making tough decisions, and donating the things that are ripe for a new home!