Three Questions To Clear The Clutter!


It's Time to Get Organized!

Getting organized and clearing out clutter is all about making decisions, but it can be really hard to decide what to keep and what to let go. 

You might think, 'I don’t need this. Maybe I need this. I’m not sure what to do.'

Below are three key questions you can ask the next time you get stuck..

1) Is this something I love, I need, and makes me happy? These may seem like simple questions (well, they are), but if you can’t honestly answer YES, then you really need to think about the real value of the object and need to let it go. 

2) Do you feel obligated to keep this item? Obligation and guilt are not good reasons to keep items. We should only keep things that we love and use. Letting go of a gift someone gave you doesn’t mean you are letting go of them. This is your space, free yourself from guilt and surround yourself with the items that are truly most important. 

3) What is the worst case scenario if I let go of this item? Take some time to really think about the truth of the situation. Is the item replaceable? With the exception of memorabilia, most items are. Could your borrow it from someone? Would you even miss it? Dig deeper into why you are saving things and no longer just accept the item should be saved. 

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Thank you for your time and attention..

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