Change The Channel


If country music is on the radio and you don’t like country music, what would you do?

You change the channel. 

Pete and I had the great privilege of talking with Eric Tivers this week from the ADHD Re-Wired Podcast. The comment above came from Eric when we were talking about limiting beliefs. 

He says we are narrators of our own stories, if we don’t like what we're saying, change it.

It’s not any different than changing the radio station. This really resonated with me. So often we get stuck in our own limiting beliefs we don’t see any other options. We just accept this is the way it will always be so we stop trying. 

But this is the thing, we do have options and we have choices.  

It’s not easy, it’s not always convenient, and it’s going to be uncomfortable, but you know what?

It’s worth it. 

  • Where in your life are you stuck? 

  • What limiting beliefs are holding you back? 

  • What are your options?  

  • What’s a different choice you could make?

One way to help challenge your limiting beliefs is to understand your strengths.

After a bad day, this isn't always easy. Even after a great day, it may feel a bit strange. 

That's why I've created the ADHD Strength Finder! 

In just 7 days, I'm going to help you change the way you look at your own ADHD by uncovering your strengths and learning how to use them! 

Don’t settle any longer - change the channel!

Until Next Time,