3 Strategies to Making Decisions With ADHD


Should I do this or that?

It’s common to find my ADHD clients battling with making decisions and I’m not just talking about the big decisions like accepting a new job or moving to a new city!

It can be difficult to figure out what’s for dinner, can you relate?

Depending on the decision being made, there can be different explanations of what’s going on.

  • Too many options

  • You like all of the options

  • Not enough information

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Fear of making the wrong the decision

Good News…. There are strategies you can try to ease the decision making process!

Check Your Limiting Beliefs - Is what you are saying about this decision true? Is it serving you? Is it getting you closer to making a decision or keeping you stuck? Think of a different way you can think about this decision with confidence.

Process Out Loud - Especially, when making a large decision, talk through it with someone. Many ADHDer’s are verbal processors, it helps to talk about your thoughts and hear yourself processing what you are feeling.

Trust Your Instinct - This is hard, I know. It will take practice. If you have a meditation practice, this is a good time to meditate and go deeper into your thoughts about your decision. Take a walk, get outside and think. Slow down what’s around you, so can reflect.

Make the Decision - Being in limbo can be the worst place to be. Not making a decision is making a decision and may not be the one you ultimately want. Take back your control and make the decision and move forward.

Thank you for your time and attention!