Money Management: How to Remember Your Finances!

We’ve covered a lot of great topics in the last few weeks around Money Management and ADHD. I know after my conversation with Pete around budgeting, I was so inspired, I bought the Dave Ramsey book right away and started working on my budget. 

I hope you have found something to inspire you, maybe a tip or strategy you would like to try this month. However, even with the best intentions, it’s still easy to forget to pay attention to our finances. Then before you know it you have already gone over budget! 

Here some ideas on remembering to pay attention: 

  1. Use visual reminders around your home, to remind you of why it’s important to make your finances a priority. It could be as simple as a sticky note with a dollar sign or a photo of your favorite vacation spot. Something that will trigger your memory of your overall mission. 
  2. Plan a weekly time where you sit down and work on finances. Try to be as consistent as possible and put this as an ongoing appointment in your calendar. If you remember, Pete and his wife conduct this meeting at a new coffee shop every week. This brings fun into financial planning! 
  3. Set an alarm to remind you of your set appointment. Set it around 30-60 minutes prior to your scheduled time and then again at the time you have committed to. Change the sound of the alarm from time to time, this way you continue to pay attention to it.

Remembering to pay attention is about building routines. Missing one meeting is probably not going to be a big deal but missing more than one can be dangerous. Practice this weekly meeting over and over again even on weeks where you don’t have much to say. The more you practice, the more natural it will become and you will dramatically increase your success in getting your finances back in order!  

Until Next Time...

Take Care,