The Secret to Organizing With ADHD!


You want in on a little secret?

Get ready because this is not something you hear every day, especially from a past professional organizer! 

Here it is… 

The space that you just spent hours organizing, isn’t going to stay organized! 

Yes, it’s true.

The only way it will stay organized is if you walk away and never touch it again.

Not very realistic, is it?

Organizing isn’t much different from cleaning your house.

I have yet to see a kitchen that only has to be cleaned once. In order to keep it clean, you have to clean it. It’s an ongoing process. The same is true for organizing. 

I believe there is a misconception that once a room is organized, it will just stay that way. The truth is, in order for it to stay that way you have to maintain it. If you notice your kitchen floor needs to be swept, you sweep it.

If you notice clutter is building up in your room, you need to put it away.

Maintenance is part of the organizing process, but it’s the one step that people often forget about. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to work on a space only to see it get messed up again. I just experienced this feeling all the time with my garage.

Do you know what I need to do?

I need to spend some time putting the clutter away. 

Here’s some good news - your efforts in getting this space organized are always worth it, regardless of what it looks like right now. If you already took the time to sort and purge and get this space in order, the clean up, the maintenance part of it, will not take you as long as you think it will. In fact, in most cases, you are just looking at a few minutes. 

The key to staying organized isn’t to expect that it will stay that way, the key is to pay attention and take action before it gets out of control! 

The next time you notice the clutter building, take a few minutes and put a couple of items away, just like you would sweep the floor. These small actions go a long way! 

Thank you for your time and attention...

Take Care,