131: Pete's Digital Photo Management Tips!

 We're taking on the Pandora's Box of listener questions: how do we recommend handling digital photo management in our effort to live the organized lifestyle? Well, that's big. If you're struggling with photo management, you're certainly not alone. This week on the show, Pete puts on his professional photographer hat to give some tips and tools that will help you think more clearly about the photos that are most important to you, decide what to keep, and be OK with yourself when you delete the photos you just don't need!

Pete's shared his show notes on this episode for those who are looking for more detail and links.Click here to view and download, or add them to your own Evernote account! 

One last thing: Pete was interviewed a little while ago on a Pierre Journel's podcast, The Elephant Channel, on using Evernote as a professional photographer. If you're interested in the two, check it out!