359: What you want the world to know about ADHD — Part 1

Listen to what you want the world to know about your adhd on Taking Control The ADHD Podcast

There are so many signals coming at us; judgments, criticisms, guidance, and support. But so often, these messages come from those with limited experience with ADHD. This week on the show, asked you a simple question: What is it that you want the world to know about your life with ADHD? 

You told us how you experience relationships. You told us how your memory impacts your day. You shared your challenges with intimacy. You talked about how hard it is to respond to well-meaning strangers who know a thing or two about gluten. You came at us with glorious gusto. 

So please join us today for part one of what has become a two parter and hear how your peers would like to share their ADHD experience with the world. Thank you for listening, and even greater thanks for sharing!

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