ADHD Student

396: ADHD Student Accommodations — YOU are your own best advocate!

This week on the show, Nikki and Pete take on the myths and misunderstandings about ADHD accommodations in college, starting with the old saw, “accommodations make for an unfair advantage.” But that’s not all! You’ll end with a guide to the sort of language you can use to reach out to your instructors and professors to explain your needs, advocate for yourself, and set yourself up for success.

261: Back to School: What's the parent's REAL job?

Unbelievably, it’s back to school season. If it hasn’t hit your community yet, it’s coming, and that means it’s time to evaluate your strategies as a parent in helping your kids manage their ADHD in the classroom and beyond. To help us through this conversation, special guest Elaine Taylor-Klaus with ImpactADHD joins us to share strategies for approaching your kids in this transition period about scheduling, responsibility, self-advocacy, and technology!

260: Master the Morning Routine

Morning—if yours are a blessed cloud of peace, goodwill, and light, you can probably skip this episode. That’s right, today’s show is for those of you who have trouble, who live for the snooze, and who can’t quite get enough of the multi-tasking in the mornings. Not sure how to train your brain and condition your spirit to get ready for the day? Do you need a new alarm strategy to get you out of bed and out the door on time? Maybe you need to give yourself permission to think about your mornings in a new way, to shake things up and approach your schedule with a fresh start! If you’re looking for help in mastering your morning routine, join us and share your experience today!

200: Digital — Reading & Writing Tools to Conquer ADHD Distractions

Today on the show, Pete Wright shares a few key systems and technologies that can help you get back on track by evaluating how you write, and how you read. Thanks to a few old techniques and new tools, you can begin to build living systems that fit your unique ADHD challenges!

80: Back To School!

It's back to school season again! For many, getting the kids back to school is a sign of a return to normalcy. Along the way, however, we uncover all the processes that we've let slip with the lazy summer days. Now's the time to get back in gear and remind yourself and your family of the great processes and tools you used during the year to keep your life in order. This week on the show, join Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright for a conversation about making the transition from summer, and back into real life!

16: Back to School!

Back to school with ADHD Podcast

The long lazy days of summer are coming to an end, and if you've got kids around the house, you know what's coming: Back to School season! But don't let the rush and buzz of back to school take you by surprise this year. You can get organized and be prepared for another year of learning with a few quick tips. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about back to school, and how you can make the transition smoothly!