Decision Making

292: Spring ADHD Organizing Spectacular!

It’s organizing week on The ADHD Podcast! Yes, you know we love to get our act together every once in awhile, and this week, we’re doing just that with our ten favorite insights around organizing with ADHD that we’ve learned or refined in the last year. Listen in and grab your bins because it’s time for Spring Organizing!

256: Making Difficult Decisions with ADHD

This week we offer a follow-up to our conversation on making decisions with a twist: what about all those decisions that are even more challenging to face, with consequences beyond our daily organizing challenges? How do we condition ourselves to move through them and discover what lies on the other side? This week is dedicated to processing, researching, and making the decision to act, and discovering the tools you need to employ to condition yourself to take action!

154: Making Decisions and ADHD

Knowledge Bomb: One of the key defining characteristics of highly organized people is that they are adept and efficient decision makers. Challenge: If you’re struggling with ADHD tendencies, one of the key defining characteristics of your day is that you likely struggle terribly with making decisions!

Behold: The ADHD Organizing Dilemma!

It’s no wonder that organizing can be such a challenge for many of us. But to make change in your life, you have to build some awareness around why these behaviors are so difficult. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about the challenges of making decisions and offer concrete strategies for training yourself to be a more efficient organizer!