Study Strategies

261: Back to School: What's the parent's REAL job?

Unbelievably, it’s back to school season. If it hasn’t hit your community yet, it’s coming, and that means it’s time to evaluate your strategies as a parent in helping your kids manage their ADHD in the classroom and beyond. To help us through this conversation, special guest Elaine Taylor-Klaus with ImpactADHD joins us to share strategies for approaching your kids in this transition period about scheduling, responsibility, self-advocacy, and technology!

200: Digital — Reading & Writing Tools to Conquer ADHD Distractions

Today on the show, Pete Wright shares a few key systems and technologies that can help you get back on track by evaluating how you write, and how you read. Thanks to a few old techniques and new tools, you can begin to build living systems that fit your unique ADHD challenges!