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What started as a show dedicated to getting organized back in 2010 has since become an invaluable resource for adults learning to live with their ADHD. 


Through Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright strive to help listeners with support, life management strategies, time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control of their lives in the face of ADHD.


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We count on support from listeners to continue to grow this podcast. If you've ever found the show a support to you in building the living systems you need to live with ADHD, we appreciate that you consider a regular donation through Patreon. Thank you!


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What is this Discord thing?

Great question! Discord is a free community chat application that allows you to connect with your intentional community of ADHD peers. Just download the app for your computer or mobile device, create your account, and say hi to your new community!

When you sign up as a Patron, if you connect your new Discord account in your Patreon account settings, you'll automatically access new members-only channels and events that align with your level of support.

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About the Hosts

Nikki Kinzer

Nikki Kinzer is a podcaster and certified ADHD Coach. For over a decade, she has been helping individuals to build positive life habits, reduce stress and navigate through ADHD. Nikki's passion is to partner with her clients and inspire them to take back control of their lives.

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Pete Wright is a podcaster, photographer, teacher, and technologist in Oregon. He was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and has been working for more than a decade to build the living and organizational systems to support his work.