Evaluating ADHD Study Strategies


What’s really working?

When it comes to studying, time management, organization, really anything to do with executive functions and challenges with ADHD, you can find strategies to help.

However, how do you know if the strategy is really working?

Here’s a simple exercise to evaluate if a strategy is working:

  1. Write out the details of the strategy and how it’s going to help you.

  2. Practice the strategy for the next week. 

  3. Make sure you have reminders in place to practice the strategy.

  4. Describe how well it worked.

  5. Describe any roadblocks that got in the way.

  6. What is your plan going forward? 


  • Do nothing different and try again.

  • Deal with the roadblocks and try again.

  • Use a different strategy and, if so, what?

Once you find a strategy that works, the key is to remember to use it. It never hurts to have a collection of study strategies to refer back to when you feel overwhelmed. This collection can be online or something you print out and have with you.  

The key is to find what works best for you! 

Thank you for your time and attention!