Keep it Simple - Organizing with ADHD

I wonder how many of you right now, have organizing books on your bookshelf or have fallen into the temptation of buying the latest magazine that promises you to get organized. Organizing your life, your space, your time, this is a good thing. I obviously believe in it very much or I wouldn’t have written my own book about it. But I’ve also learned something over the years working with ADHD Clients…..

Organizing with ADHD is different than organizing without ADHD. However, the majority of the books and articles written are not for the ADHD mind. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a circle. It doesn’t work and only leads to more frustration and half working organizing systems.

The key to organizing with ADHD is simplicity. The systems you put into place need to work for you and for how your brain works. Anything with too many steps, too complex, or confusing will not work.

Less is More

This one statement covers two big areas in organizing. Owning less stuff will make it easier not to lose so much. When you have less, there is less to organize. Makes sense, right? However, I know it’s not always easy to make decisions on what’s important, it all seems important, and this is where it really helps to get help. Call a Professional Organizer, your ADHD Coach, or a friend / family member who you trust, and get a second opinion!

The other area this covers is the less steps you have in an organizing system, the better. What even is an organizing system? An organizing system are the steps you take to keep your things organized.

Here is an example of an organizing system built around your car keys:

Problem: You're constantly losing your keys. You can never remember where you set them down last and it never fails at least once a day, you are going through your home turning it upside down trying to find them!

ADHD Solution: As soon as you get out of the car have a drop off place for your keys. The less steps you have to take for this drop off place the better. I recommend having a bowl or something easy and visible that you can simply drop them into. What you want to avoid is to have this drop off place be too far away from the car.

If your drop off place is across the room where you enter the home, there are too many distractions that can happen between the front door and the kitchen counter. Your success rate is going to decrease dramatically. Keep things simple and easy. Eventually, these action steps become routine and will come automatic. In the mean time, don’t be afraid to set up reminders. Place a sticky note in your car or by your front door to remind you, "Keys in Bowl". Just until the habit is reinforced and you no longer need to think about it.

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