Document Your Success!

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I recently had a discussion with one of my coaching groups about negative self talk and how easy it is to beat ourselves up about all of the things we wish were doing.

"I wish I could get more done in a day."

"I wish I wasn't always late in the morning."

"I wish I was a little more organized." 

You get the point... We are always our worst critics! 

I had mentioned that a long time ago, a dear friend of mine told me that the mind can not think positive and negative at the same time. So when you are starting to go down that rabbit hole of negative thinking, switch your thinking to something your grateful for. Our group talked about starting a gratitude journal and how this may be a benefit for us.

I have a gratitude journal but I have to admit the consistency of writing in it everyday is not good. I came to terms that this habit was not sticking but that was ok. I would write in it when I wanted to but just being grateful in my mind, for me, was good enough. 

Then one of the members had another suggestion, something that really helped her was a Success Journal... I love this idea because it really ties into recognizing your strengths.  On Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast, Pete and I dedicated a whole show on How to Focus on Your Strengths. I would definitely add this idea to the mix. 

What is a Success Journal? 

A Success Journal is a place for you to document the successes of your day. There is no success too big or too small. Everything counts! Maybe you organized a closet today or you weren't late to work or you kept your cool while your toddler was having a melt down in the grocery store.  

There are so many things that go unnoticed in a day and now is the time to recognize them. We tend to reflect only what's left to do and everything that's been done, no longer matters. The Success Journal gives you an opportunity to switch this thinking around. 

Unfortunately, I have seen many clients who forget about their successes and when asked about their strengths, they just don't know what they are. They really can't remember, this journal gives you a tool to remember.  You can go back anytime and remember. This not only helps the negative self talk pass away, imagine what it could do for your self confidence overall, your stress levels, your anxiety? 

Paying attention to your successes and your strengths... that's  moving you forward...

Until Next Time...

Take Care,