Making Transitions A Little Less Painful


Transitions & ADHD

Whether you are transitioning from one task to another or going from Summer to Fall, when you live with ADHD, any kind of transition can be difficult.

Transitions mean change.

It means switching your focus from one thing to another, but what if you really like what you're doing? The transition is going to be that much harder.

What if the transition is a new job or becoming a parent? These bigger transitions can be very overwhelming. 

We can’t make transitions go away, they are a part of lives, but I do have good news. We can make them a bit less painful!

Here are a few tips to try the next time you find yourself in transition:

Embrace It

  • Set yourself up for success and plan for the change to happen

  • Use checklists to help you remember where you left off before moving onto something new

  • Use your ADHD strategies like alarms to remind you that it's almost time to switch tasks

  • Ask for help from others - it's much easier to say no to an alarm than a real human being

Give Yourself Time

  • After you come home from vacation, give yourself a day off before you go back to work

  • If you are switching jobs, take a week off before you start your new job

  • Look at your calendar daily and see what's coming

  • Add buffer time in your daily schedule, so you don't always feel rushed

Be Patient 

  • Transitions are hard, but you will get through them

  • Watch your internal conversation, don't let limiting beliefs keep you stuck

  • Don't compare yourself to others

  • Give yourself the same grace, you would give someone else

Thank you for your time and attention!

- Nikki