Mindfulness & ADHD: Resources to Get You Started

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It may seem impossible to pay attention to the “now” when you have a hard time paying attention in the first place. But after interviewing Casey Dixon on mindfulness and ADHD on our Podcast this week, we learned about her beautiful approach to help you manage your ADHD.  She shows you how to break down what seems impossible and make it very possible! And she explains the research behind how mindfulness can help you successfully manage your ADHD.

I know many people are very interested in mindfulness and want to make this a daily practice, so I have put together a few resources for you to check out below. I hope you take the time for yourself to research this wonderful method.

Mindfulness Resources

MindfullyADD - Founded by Casey Dixon, a membership website designed to learn, practice, and participate in a mindfulness practice. 

Mindful Awareness: Treating ADHD with Meditation - Research suggests that regular meditation can train the ADHD brain to better concentrate and hold focus. Could this alternative treatment help you? 

The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD by Lidia Zylowska - An 8-step program for strengthening attention, managing emotions, and achieving your goals. 

Mindfulness For ADHD: Training for Adults, Parent, and Professionals - The author of The Mindfulness Prescription offers an 8-week intensive mindfulness for ADHD retreat, located in Petaluma, CA. For more information on fees and schedule, please visit the website. 

Mindful Parenting by Mark Bertin, MD - A guide to cultivating calm, reducing stress, and helping children thrive. 

10% Happier by Dan Harris - We did a podcast dedicated to this book and it’s still one of my favorites! Learn how Dan Harris tamed the voice in his head and reduced stress without losing his edge. 

If you have anything to add, please do so, I would love to hear how being more mindful has impacted your life and how you made it priority! Leave a comment below or call us at 503-664-4ADD. 

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