What Makes Your Goals Matter?

By the time clients come to me, they are ready for change and they are inspired. They want this change more than anything and of course they want it right now!  One of the first questions I often ask is "What makes this important?" Usually they respond pretty quickly. 

However, no matter what kind of change we are working towards, there are times when we get stuck. When things have gotten hard or they're not going as fast as we would like. We may not feel as motivated or inspired to keep going. We may even be doubting ourselves and wondering if we really can make this change at all. 

So what happened? Why was it so important before and now it doesn't seem to be.

The reality is... it is still important, we may just need to be reminded of the reasons why! 

When we're inspired, it's easy to be motivated. But as I mentioned in our Podcast; Breaking blocks, fighting fear, and getting unstuck... I recently learned that motivation is not just given to us, we have to look for it and then we have to act on it. What I took from this lesson was if I am not motivated then I need to figure out how to get motivated. I need to actively look for it again. It's in my control and no one else's. 

I think it starts with taking the time to reflect on what matters most and then digging a little deeper for what's really going on. 

Here are a few questions to consider:

What was your motivation to begin with?

What is it that you really want? 

How is your life going to change if this happens? 

Has something changed since you first announced this new goal?

What's gotten in your way? 

What can you do now that is different than before?

What extra support do you need?

Who do you need to connect with?

What will inspire you to take that first step again? 

How am I going to remember how important this is to me? 

If you are stuck and looking for extra support, don't be afraid to reach out. If you would like to learn more about my coaching services, please contact me at nikki@takecontroladhd.com.

Until Next Time...

Take Care,