Who's Your Circle of Support?


“Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.” - Vera Nazarian

What a lovely quote, and a true testament of human connection. One of our basic needs is to be connected with other people, we want to belong, be heard, be understood, and be loved. 

Living with ADHD, doesn’t always make you feel these things, which is why having a strong support system around you is so important! It absolutely has to be one of the components to your management plan. 

Support can come in many different forms. I have separated them into four categories, if we are fortunate enough, we can support in all of these areas. 

People Who Know You Best 

  • Spouses / Partners

  • Family 

  • Friends 

This group can be the hardest to navigate because they know you so well and may be the most impacted by your ADHD. So it will be important to keep the communication open and to continue learning about ADHD. 

People in Your Work Life

  • Supervisors 

  • Co-workers

  • Clients 

  • Customers

  • Teachers

  • Students

This is where it’s important to understand how your ADHD affects you, so you know ahead of time what accommodations and / or extra support you may need. Make sure to highlight your strengths.

Professionals In ADHD 

  • Doctors 

  • Therapists

  • ADHD Coach

The diagnosis starts with your doctor to figure out the right treatment plans which may or may not include ADHD Medication. They will also be able to help you with co-existing conditions like depression and anxiety. 

Therapists can help you with the emotional aspects of ADHD. Providing support around understanding around accepting your diagnosis. Support for depression and anxiety, and many therapists practice CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). They can offer support around relationships and family issues. 

ADHD Coaches have a forward focused approach. We ask questions and give the client space to process and work out their goals. Together, we come up with different strategies and systems to practice throughout the week until you find something that works for you. We have a hands on approach, where we meet weekly with clients but also keeping in touch with them in between sessions. 

ADHD Support Groups 

The last support group is your fellow ADHDer’s. The ones who understand you without needing to explain anything, they just get it! 

These groups provide you a safe place to talk with other people, to share your story and to listen to others. There is no judgement just a lot of support. 

Here are a few group resources

  • CHADD Support Groups

  • ADDA Online Groups

  • ADHD Group Coaching 

A large part of thriving with your ADHD is connecting with others you support you and understand you! 

Thank you for your time and attention.