Why You Should Thank Your Limiting Beliefs!


Thank you for showing up, but you can leave now.

Limiting beliefs are those negative messages we tell ourselves about what we think we can and can not do. These beliefs are limiting because instead of moving us forward, they keep us stuck. 

Here are a few examples:

“ Why should I try this again, every time I fail.”

“This is too hard, I will never get through this.”

“ I can’t find a system that works.”

Notice in the examples above the “ all or nothing” words. 

  • Every

  • Never

  • Can’t 

These words leave us with no options and I can’t think of anything more disempowering than NOT having options. 

If we get to the root of why limiting beliefs exist, it’s because they are trying to protect us from something.

It’s usually around some kind of fear. The fear of being disappointed, of failure, getting hurt or it could be the fear of success. If I do it right this time, will it always be expected of me? (Notice the word “always”) 

I remember interviewing Michelle Chalfant for the Podcast and we were talking about Limiting Beliefs, and she said they will continue to show up in our lives but they will come less often if we begin to shift what we believe. 

I still remember her saying…

“Thank the belief for being there to protect you, but tell it to leave… because you’ve got this!

That interview was a couple of years ago and it is something I will never forget. 

Just recently, I was talking to my coach (Yes, coaches have coaches too!) and we were talking about Limiting Beliefs and she mentioned something that had the same impact that Michelle had on me. 

She said…. 

“When the limiting belief shows up, thank it for reminding you how important this is for you.” 

So, the next time your limiting beliefs come forward being loud and ugly… you’ve got two reasons to THANK THEM and keep moving on! 

Thank you for your time and attention.