296: Don't Fall Into the ADHD Shame Spiral!

You start things, and then you don’t finish them. It’s the nature of being human to fall off the productivity bandwagon from time to time, but when you’re living with ADHD, what comes with unfinished tasks and projects is a feeling of overwhelm, avoidance, shame, and guilt that can cause you to drift into the shame spiral. Don’t fall for it! The ADHD Shame Spiral is a lie! This week on the show, we’re talking about the shame spiral, and how to break up your work in such a way that you’re finishing as much as you start, and you can celebrate every single accomplishment!

247: Dealing With Procrastination One Hour at a Time!

As it turns out, productivity and procrastination are two sides of the same coin. Depending on the day, your toss might yield unparalleled output, focus, and attention. Then again, it could yield a rousing binge session of Top Chef. This week on The ADHD Podcast, we’re talking about the systems and processes that might help you beat procrastination, from focus sprints to setting a real, rational priority for your time. Join us!


234: Getting Started — Motivation & ADHD

Today, a metaphor. You’re at the top of a hill. There’s a giant ball in front of you, held up by a rock. If you kick that rock, the ball will start rolling down the hill, picking up speed and racing on its way. But you’re struggling with your ADHD. So you look at the ball, you stare at it, and try as you might, you just don’t see the rock that you need to kick.

121: Planning Prevents Procrastination

Big projects are tough to start. Whether you're mired in shopping for organizing products or easily distracted in new, more pleasant directions, you're not alone if you suffer the start! That's why it's so important to recondition your behavior and learn that the very first step of any project is to sit down, apply pencil to paper, and make yourself a solid plan. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright walk through the power of planning, and share how a good planning process can help provide the structure you need to get to work on the toughest projects. BONUS: we've added a new download to the free templates area — the Zoning Worksheet!