241: Digital — Tech Tools to Support Self-Care

The essence of great self-care is rooted in building habits. And building habits, when you’re struggling with ADHD, requires help. This week on the show we present some of the digital tools that can support you in your efforts to build new self-care routines in four key areas: Sleep, Exercise, Food, and Mindfulness.

237: Self-Care — Get Moving to Supercharge your Brain!

This week on the show, we offer the 10 steps you’ll need to add supporting movement into your day, from finding the time, to leaping over the shame of inactivity, right into action. This conversation is all about letting go of your feelings about not getting out for a walk yesterday, and moving forward, little by little, today.

236: An Introduction to Self-Care and ADHD

This week on the show we’re kicking off a series on self care — from health and nutrition to sleep to medication to organization, we’re going to dig into it. So listen in today — if you’ve ever found yourself forgetting what feeling good feels like, you need to join us for this series and kick off 2016 with a celebration of you!