310: Burnout!

This week’s show is inspired by a listener struggling with burnout. On the job or at home, burnout impacts us all at some point in our lives. When you’re struggling with ADHD and facing burnout, the challenge comes when all your trusted accommodations and routines fly out the window. How do you find an anchor to stay grounded and focused on the positive?

286: Living Life in The Adult Chair with Michelle Chalfant

Our guest today is Michelle Chalfant. Michelle is a speaker, therapist, author and educator and she has crafted a model for approaching the way we interact with the world that that can help you fight those voices, the limiting beliefs, and the blocks in the middle of your road.


280: Q&A with Nikki & Pete!

Happy New Year everyone! As we prepare to roll the calendar over to 2017, we’ve opened the floor to audience questions. We received a bunch and are thrilled to offer our answers this week. From scheduling while living with personal health challenges to updates on our latest technology episode, ADHD diagnoses to paperless, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to everyone who shared their questions this week!

244: Having Fun with Kirsten Milliken

Today’s show is all about fun! We’ve talked about engaging the brain before. We’ve talked about ways to manage distraction and hyper-focus. But today, we’re going all in on play as an alternative to medication for your ADHD. To help us, we’ve brought in the expert: Dr. Kirsten Milliken of 

243: Self-Care — The Nutrition/ADHD Connection with Tonya Harris

The Nutrition ADHD connection The ADHD Podcast 243
Tonya Harris,

Tonya Harris,

We’ve talked about the connection between nutrition and ADHD before, but this week, we’ve got an expert to help us bring the lesson home. Our guest today is Tonya Harris. She’s on a mission to help parents learn how both diet and common toxins in the home can affect their child’s health and lessen the symptoms of behavior and attention issues through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. We talk about everything from the insidiousness of MSG and sugar to food coloring and supplements, and how each can help or hinder your ADHD. Join us!

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242: Building Mini Habits for Self-care

The ADHD Podcast Mini Habits Support Self-Care Episode 242

We’re talking about building habits for self-care today! One of the most important things you can do for yourself, to take care of your self is to figure out the mechanics that help you best cement new behaviors. In that light, we’re introducing a terrific concept by way of a wonderfully approachable book. The concept, Tiny Habits. The book: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Big Results, by Stephen Guise. Learn to build big new habits into your life through the tiniest of daily actions!

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240: Practicing Mindfulness for your ADHD with Special Guest Casey Dixon

Casey Dixon is an ADHD Coach who has worked with wide range of individuals living with ADHD over the course of her career. Most recently, she founded, a website that is dedicated to the mindfulness approach to ADHD through simple daily practices to help you with everything from focus, to movement and settling, not to mention a rich library of feature to help you learn more about your ADHD. This week on The ADHD Podcast, Casey joins us to help us better understand the role of mindfulness in self-care with ADHD with simple, judgment-free strategies to get started!

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237: Self-Care — Get Moving to Supercharge your Brain!

This week on the show, we offer the 10 steps you’ll need to add supporting movement into your day, from finding the time, to leaping over the shame of inactivity, right into action. This conversation is all about letting go of your feelings about not getting out for a walk yesterday, and moving forward, little by little, today.

192: Digital — Getting Fit with Tech

This week we share digital tools for monitoring and managing our fitness and diet. From wearables that track your movement to the apps and services that help you define and  achieve your health and fitness goals, listen in this week for the tools you’ll need to get started! 

75: Self-care and ADHD

If you're struggling with ADHD and you're not able to take care of yourself, you may be magnifying your stress and making your journey to an organized lifestyle more complex. Taking care of yourself is about exercise, food, and rest, and if you don't have a handle on those three pillars of self-care, it's time to get started. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about the challenges that come with self-care and ADHD and how to break the negative habits that come with stress in your life.