394: Shame, relationships, and ADHD as an exercise in getting back on the horse with Dr. Michelle Frank

It’s our last episode before the annual July break, and what a wonderful person we have to introduce you to this week! Dr. Michelle Frank joins us to talk about shame, our relationships, and the daily practice of getting back up on the horse with ADHD.

372: Attacking the Gremlins with Jane Massengill

Does the internal chatter of ADHD really sound all that different than that of those who don’t live with it? Our guest today has been working among other leaders in the field to help find those Gremlins in our heads and quiet them down, making room for the benefits that come with the positive voices and stories we write about our own contributions to the world around us.

288: When we finally stop pretending we don’t have ADHD with guest Eric Tivers

We’re wrapping up our series on limiting beliefs this week with a conversation on the shame that comes with ADHD challenges, and the relief that comes when you arrive on the other side of it, and can stop pretending you don’t have ADHD. Our guest is Eric Tivers, therapist, coach, podcaster, productivity specialist, and all-around fantastic part of the ADHD community, and his insights into shame and the connection to our beliefs that hold us back are bound to change the way you think about your ADHD. 

286: Living Life in The Adult Chair with Michelle Chalfant

Our guest today is Michelle Chalfant. Michelle is a speaker, therapist, author and educator and she has crafted a model for approaching the way we interact with the world that that can help you fight those voices, the limiting beliefs, and the blocks in the middle of your road.


192: Digital — Getting Fit with Tech

This week we share digital tools for monitoring and managing our fitness and diet. From wearables that track your movement to the apps and services that help you define and  achieve your health and fitness goals, listen in this week for the tools you’ll need to get started! 

65: Living an organized life and your positive self esteem

Living in a disorganized manner can effect your life in ways far beyond simply losing your keys or your grocery list. Clutter that accumulates around you and the piles that haunt you can build feelings of shame that effect your relationships, your productivity, your work and your life. The good news is that making a commitment to living an organized lifestyle and taking those first steps toward new systems and processes in your life can give you the power that clutter once cost you. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright discuss the key connection between living an organized lifestyle and the power and self esteem that comes with it!

32: How to turn self-doubt into positive reinforcement

It takes time to build new habits. From learning to put your keys away in the same place every time you walk in the house to processing daily mail, it takes weeks to turn positive steps into processes you can live with. The same is true for negative habits and self-doubt, which if left unchecked, can get in the way of all the change you're trying to make in your life. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about the doubt that can slide in to your organizing progress and how to turn that doubt back into positive reinforcement in your life.