Three Strategies To Get Started!

Do you have a project you've been avoiding? Maybe it's your taxes or organizing your office. Some projects are just harder to get started than others. But don't worry, there is hope. Read on to learn more about how to get started and ease your stress and anxiety! 

ADHD Women's Palooza 2017!

Women with ADHD! Join Linda Roggli and Terry Mantlen as they host the top ADHD experts in the world of women with ADHD: Sari Solden, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. John Ratey, Dr. Russell Barkley, Dr. Ellen Littman, Dr. Tom Brown, me, and many more! We are gathering online to discuss everything from clutter to careers, Feb. 6-11. This event is FREE!

Resources for the Parent with ADHD

Looking for information for the parent who has ADHD? Check out these resources from different websites and books. If you have anything to add, please do, I found a lot of resources on how to parent an ADHD Child but so much for the parent who has ADHD.