5 Ways to Spark Creativity With ADHD

Have you found your most creative self?

For some, diving into your most creative self is like brushing your teeth, it’s a habit, it’s easy, and for the most part, you remember to do it. But for others, it’s not always so easy.

As we learned in podcast episode #265, not everyone with ADHD is creative and Pete gives us some great ideas on different apps to allow your creativity to shine through. 

Here are a few more ideas to spark your creativity:

1) Take a Break

In a world where we feel guilt about taking time, we often forget how important it really is when it comes to using your creativity. Have you ever noticed when you work on a word find or crossword puzzle for too long you can’t find anything?

Then you walk away for some time, come back to it, and almost find the word instantly!

When the frontal lobe of your brain rests, it allows for new connections to be made. It works hard with reasoning, planning, decision-making, and judgement and when you allow it to stop, it can focus on other things and enable creativity. 

2) Read and Research

Look for inspiration, especially if you are writer!

As a blogger and podcaster, I understand how frustrating it is to wonder what to talk about next?

Reading and researching can open up new ideas and perspectives. I may not even write about what I read, but sometimes an idea is triggered that I would not have had otherwise.

3) Try Something New

Sometimes we don't fee creative because there isn’t anything new in our lives.

You can change that by trying a new recipe or dish at your favorite restaurant.

Is there something that has always interested you like photography or cooking?

Look at your local community college or community center to see if there are classes available. 

4) Play

Do something you love!

Take some time and play with your children, but not with your agenda.

Follow them, do what they want to do, and look at the activity from their perspective.

If you love to color, paint, or sketch, get out your supplies and spend time getting lost in it. 

5) Get Connected

We thrive on connection and if it’s been some time since your family got together for dinner or you had a night out with friends, now is the time.

Conversations can be incredibly inspiring and could be the spark you need to increase your creativity at work. 


Thank you for your time and attention... 

Take Care,