Can Someone with ADHD Develop a Mindfulness Practice?


It’s Time To Break An ADHD Myth!

Yes! Someone with ADHD absolutely can develop a mindfulness practice! Research is showing that not only is it possible but mindfulness is a very effective tool to help navigate your ADHD!

What is Mindfulness?

It’s a way to strengthen your attention skills, mindfulness brings your attention to the present. We want to do this curiosity and not judgment. You are simply noticing. It allows you to pay attention to your attention.

You can practice mindfulness anywhere and at anytime.

Do you ever feel like you just go through each day on autopilot without being very aware of what’s going on around you? You get in the car and it just magically takes you to work. When you practice being mindful, it takes you out of this state and you begin to notice things you never noticed before.

This is the Reality.

ADHD minds get distracted. Something will pull you away from what you were paying attention to and that’s ok, in fact expect it to happen! One of the many benefits to mindfulness is it gives you the opportunity to go back to paying attention to what you want to pay attention to. It’s a way to train your attention and to focus it back on what matters most.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increase concentration and live the moment more fully

  • Awareness of your emotional state = less impulsive behavior

  • Decreases stress and anxiety - re-centers you to the present and what you have control over

  • Research shows a rise in the level of dopamine, during meditative states

The key to mindfulness is to remember it’s a practice and the more you can implement it in your daily life, the more you will receive the benefits of it.

Be Mindful Right Now

  1. Take a deep breath and hold for 5 seconds. Exhale.

  2. Shift your attention to the present moment

  3. What do you notice around you?

  4. How are you feeling?

  5. Notice your posture - are you comfortable?

  6. What do you notice about your body?

  7. What do you hear?

  8. What do you smell?

  9. Take a moment to just look around and notice

  10. Take a deep breath, hold for 5 seconds. Exhale.

See, you just practiced mindfulness!

Thank you for your time and attention!