Don't Fear Structure & ADHD.. They Are Friends!


Structure and ADHD have an ironic relationship.  

It makes sense that structure would be very important for someone with ADHD, providing you with a plan, something to follow from beginning to end.  

The irony comes because even though the need for structure is apparent, you inherently want to resist it.  

The inner-child comes out and says...

“You can’t make me! I don’t want someone telling me what I have to do. A structured schedule is too constricting and it’s not how I want to live my life!”

Here’s the deal, like it or not: we are adults and there are some things that just have to get done whether we want to do them or not.  

So what if we try shifting our mindset around what structure really means. 

It doesn’t have to mean that you have no control.  

In fact, it really can be the opposite.  

Structure can make you feel more in control.  

Yes, it’s true, because you are the one choosing it!  No one is telling you have to do it, you are choosing it because it makes your life easier not harder.  And you can choose where the structure should be in your life.  It certainly does not have to be all aspects, just in the areas that would be most beneficial to you.

For example: Wouldn’t it feel much better going into a weekend knowing what needs to get done and when it's going to happen?  You do this by paying attention, planning, and adding a little structure to your weekend schedule.  

To be the most effective in your planning, I suggest you zero in on your priorities. Which is not an easy thing, I know, but you can do it! 

For example: Take a look at your Master List of Projects and pick just 1-2 to focus on over the weekend.  Look at your calendar and schedule these tasks just like appointments.  This way, you know when they are getting done and ensure they don’t conflict with anything else.  You are able to add just enough structure so that you can plan and be prepared to tackle the tasks. 

If you don’t add the structure to the weekend, what do you think will happen? 

Your chances of getting anything done on your to-do list decreases dramatically. 

Adding structure to your projects gives you more intention to complete them.

 Make sure that when you set your intention, you plan for it, and follow through - you will see success.  

It's time to set your fear of structure aside and embrace it! 

Thank you for your time and attention..

Take Care,