Going Undiagnosed: "Do I have ADHD?"

Approximately nine million adults in the United States, or four percent of the adult population, is thought to be struggling with ADHD, although most cases are undiagnosed.

Furthermore, it is estimated that 85% of those who have it, don’t know it. 

This is a staggering and worrisome statistic and here's why, ADHD can lead to the following:

  • Higher risk for self-medicating leading to drug and alcohol addiction

  • Higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Higher risk of unplanned pregnancies

  • Higher risk for auto accidents

  • Higher risk of job loss by getting fired or impulsively quit

  • Higher rate of divorce

Alan Brown from Crusher TV shared his story with us on the Podcast about his struggles prior to his diagnosis. I encourage you to watch his TEDx talk about his mission to help that 85% of people who don’t know. 

When I ask my clients to share with me their feelings after they get diagnosed, they are often relieved.

Their past makes more sense, they are not alone, it’s not them, and they don't feel "stupid" or "lazy." This is not character flaw this is a medical condition and one that can be treated effectively.

If you know someone who may be struggling and are wondering, “Do I have ADHD?” encourage them to make an appointment with their doctor and/or someone who specializes in ADHD.

Below are additional resources you can share. 





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