"Knowing is Better!"

What We Know About ADHD

  • ADHD is not about just trying harder.

  • ADHD doesn’t mean you can’t do something.

  • ADHD is not a "made-up" condition.

  • ADHD is medical disorder.

  • ADHD is not an excuse, but it is an explanation of certain behaviors.

  • ADHD symptoms can be greatly reduced with treatment.

  • ADHD does not have to stop anyone from achieving their dreams.

As a part of building awareness for ADHD, I have discussed the danger of undiagnosed ADHD, where to go in case you think you might have ADHD, "imposter syndrome," and many other topics. Below you will find a recap of everything I shared, plus two articles I had the privilege to be a part of. 

Evernote - Finding Focus: How to Take Control of ADHD with Evernote

Pyschcentral.com - Reducing One of the Most Painful Symptoms of ADHD

Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

It has been an honor to bring this awareness to you and I hope you continue to learn, share, and keep spreading the word about what ADHD is and what it isn’t! 

Thank you for your time and attention..

Take Care,