The One Routine That's Essential For ADHD

There is one routine that if you get in the habit of doing every day, will make your life easier and help you feel more in control of your ADHD.

If you have followed any of the strategies suggested in recent blog posts -- fitting exercise into your daily schedule, preparing for exams, or working to stay focused on what matters -- you are already using the best tool possible, in my opinion, to help manage your time and keep focused. 

What is this magic tool? Your calendar.

Get into the routine of checking your calendar everyday. Sometimes it’s more effective to introduce a new routine around something you are already doing to trigger your memory to do it. For example, every morning when you have a cup of coffee or are eating breakfast, check your calendar for the day.  This gives you a good grasp of what’s ahead for the day. Do this again at lunch, to prepare for the afternoon, and again in the evening so you can prepare yourself for the next day. If needed, don’t just look at the day, but look ahead for the week. Doing this can be a great daily reminder and you won’t feel as though appointments or activities are sneaking up on you. 

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