The Benefits of Structure for ADHD

For some of you, hearing the word "structure" may be like hearing finger nails on a chalk board. It makes you squirm and want to run the other away. However, structure can bring some huge benefits to your life and help you better manage your ADHD. I believe the key is finding the right structures for you, the ones that will free up time so you can focus on what really matters. Read more about the benefits of structure and ADHD in this week’s blog post. 

What's Stopping Your New Routine From Becoming A Habit?

It feels great to be motivated and excited about a new routine. You know this routine is going to add just the right amount of structure you need to accomplish your goal.  Then a couple of weeks pass by and the routine has stopped. Most people will blame themselves or assume the routine is wrong in some way. Have you ever wondered what’s stopping your new routine from becoming a habit? This week I help you figure out why and even give you a challenge!