3 Ways To Structure Your Workday As An Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur where you set the deadlines? This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Nothing is worse than walking into your office, knowing that you have a million things to do but have no idea where to start. I knew as an Entrepreneur myself that if I wanted to get anything done, I had to put some structures in place. 

ADHD Accommodations in the Workplace

You’re overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, tired, and struggling at work. You know you need help, but have no idea how to ask for it or what it really is that you even need. Here are a few questions to consider before talking to your employer and a few suggestions on possible workplace accommodations to help!

The Solution to Increasing Your Productivity isn't to Work Harder

It’s easy to think if I just work harder, I will be more productive. This is a common myth that many people fall into all of the time. We think longer hours at the office and more items on our to-do lists will somehow help us get more done. The reality is busy work doesn’t mean the same thing as productive work. Read how to break this myth and what to do to work smarter.