249: Turn Strategy into Action — Blocking and Gating your Time!

We’ve had some great questions and feedback on our last few episodes around ideal schedules. This week, we’re taking this concept a bit further. How do you take a new strategy and implement it to turn it into a lifestyle? How do you handle less desirable tasks — gating and focusing even around the stuff you really don’t want to do? How do you decide what to work on first? These are deceptively simple questions with answers that we often make more complicated than we need. We’ll do our best to untangle them on the show this week!

229: How to Like the Holidays Again — Setting Boundaries

Tis the season! Now that we’ve crested Halloween, the roller coaster of the holiday season is ramping up to full speed. It’s easy to let the overwhelm of the season get the better of us, but if you’re struggling with ADHD, that overwhelm can lead to stagnation of a much more serious sort. 

90: Learning to say no

For those struggling with ADHD, the instinct to help others might just be a self-destructive pattern when it comes to living an organized lifestyle. It feels good to help, but without a keen awareness of what is already on your plate, and the commitments you've already made, the good feeling that comes from saying "yes" might just end up letting others down when you can't make good on your promises. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about where this natural instinct to please comes from, and how practice saying "no" might just end up freeing you to help more people in a smarter way!

62: Setting Boundaries

Take a look around you. Before long, you'll see them: distractions. Maybe it's your family. Maybe your email. Maybe your neighbor. Whoever they are, they're all competing for your precious time. It's your job to keep them under control! This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about the importance of setting boundaries and protecting yourself from all the things vying for your attention!