Growth Mindset

372: Attacking the Gremlins with Jane Massengill

Does the internal chatter of ADHD really sound all that different than that of those who don’t live with it? Our guest today has been working among other leaders in the field to help find those Gremlins in our heads and quiet them down, making room for the benefits that come with the positive voices and stories we write about our own contributions to the world around us.

339: Today is a New Opportunity

We’re inspired today. Hot on the heels of a fantastic conversation with a client, Nikki has a message of hope and opportunity for change that we can each use to help us focus on the positive, the bright, the empowered. It all begins with a simple choice: Today, I have the opportunity to do something different ...

245: Creating Positive Energy in your Life

This week on the show, we’re talking all about positive energy. Energy is contagious. Whether you’re inheriting the mood of your partner or children when they wake up sour in the morning, or catching the waves of joy from a colleague celebrating a grand accomplishment, if left unchecked, we are at the mercy of the moods and intentions of those around us.

119: It's OK to Fail!

Okay to fail ADHD Podcast

Go ahead, read that title again: It's OK to fail. Not only is it OK to fail, but we recommend you do it! Failure drives us toward success in so many vectors it's hard to cover them all. Yes, for some of us, failure is a motivator to keep on trying. But even more important, at it's very core, failure is one of the richest platforms for learning that we have. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright celebrate failure and call for all of us to embrace it for future success!