339: Today is a New Opportunity

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We’re inspired today. Hot on the heels of a fantastic conversation with a client, Nikki has a message of hope and opportunity for change that we can each use to help us focus on the positive, the bright, the empowered. It all begins with a simple choice: Today, I have the opportunity to do something different ...

A listener emailed this week with a five point mantra that fits the bill, too. It’s such a perfect pairing with our conversation today that we wanted to share it here in writing. When you’re feeling compromised, try reading it aloud to yourself. What does your voice sound like as it carries across the air? How can you make it stronger, more confident? How can you take ownership of this message, craft it into something uniquely you?

  1. “No expectations” (unrealistic future thoughts) 
  2. “No films” (Kopf-Kino: either memories or (repetitive) visions of hypothetical “futures” 
  3. “This too shall pass” (recognise and acknowledge the emotion and if I know it, the cause) 
  4. “You are safe in the present” 
  5. “You no longer have to freeze” 

Thanks again to everyone who commented, wrote, and contributed to the message this week!

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