322: How to avoid sabotaging your day!

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We may start our days with the best intentions. We have our lists and routines, our goals and objectives that we think we’re ready to accomplish. But what happens when you’re thrown off track? What happens when that unexpected phone call delivers some bad news, or the kids get sick, or the car breaks down?

If you don’t have some accommodations in place to account for these surprises, you won’t be able to bounce back! You’ll be unconsciously sabotaging your own day. On the show this week, we’re talking about the things you can do today — and every day — to build your resilience so that you can make more of your days terrific and fulfilling!

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269: Imposter Syndrome & ADHD

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, you’re a high achiever in some area, though you feel as if your achievements are not the result of training, skill, and intelligence, rather your success is the result of an accident of fate, and you are constantly on the cusp of being discovered as a fraud. This is, of course, something that we all live with at some point or another, but if you’re also living with ADHD, the judgment that you put upon yourself amplifies the negative signals in and around your experience of achievement. 

214: Downtime and Finding a Recharge with ADHD

It’s summer, and we’re gearing up for our own vacations, so we thought we’d use the opportunity to reflect on the importance of downtime to our emotional and physical health — particularly when fighting the busy signals of ADHD. We’ve got research and resources and terrific tips from listeners that should help you build a vacation plan you can count on to keep your stress low and your energy up!


From Susanne: The power of filters in Gmail

I wanted to share an additional tip on how to manage emails from stores to get best of both worlds; an unclogged inbox as well as access to all coupons and sales on demand.

In Gmail, you have the ability to "filter" emails. The filter is a powerful tool that many people aren't aware of that allows you to control how emails behave when they come into your inbox. To find the filter menu, open an email from a store you subscribe to, click the "More" button in the top menu, then click "Filter messages like these." In the first screen you can specify the email sender (which should automatically populate), for example filter all emails From sales@store.com. Then click the "Create filter with this search" link at the bottom.

In this second screen, check the box that says "Mark as read." This will make all emails that arrive in your inbox from sales@store.comautomatically appear as Read (or unbolded). There are additional options available on this screen, such as applying a label, which allow you to further customize and manage your emails if you wish.

Then, the important step is to filter your inbox so that only the Unread emails show at the top of your inbox. To do this, hover your cursor over the word Inbox, and click the down arrow that appears next to it. Select "Unread first," and you will see that all of your unread (bold) emails pop up to the top of your inbox. The read emails are still there, they are just below, and out of the way.

Net result, you can remain subscribed to as many store, coupon, or sale emails as you want, but when they come into your inbox, they are automatically marked as Read, and will not appear in the Unread emails at the top of your Inbox. Then, when you are in a store, you simply use the Gmail search feature to search for emails from that store, and you have access to all of the latest coupons and deals.

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