350: Success Stories — You Win!

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to talk about how we define success. The lesson, from your own contributions, is largely that we as a group need to get better at it. We’re stuck in a place where success, to us, means a defiant win. But the space between our big wins can feel like a chasm. And the isolation and judgment that comes with ADHD can make that chasm unusually dark.

317: Celebrating your ADHD Strengths and Beating the Negative Spiral!

Listen to Heather Clifft and Gabriel Villarreal on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

It’s only too easy to get sucked into the negative spiral of doubt when confronted with your own unique ADHD challenges. This week on the show, we want to spin that inner dialog and focus on your inner ADHD strengths before you let the doubts determine your direction. We have our friends Gabriel and Heather back with us to give their insights on guiding our inner voices, developing our ideal day and week, and becoming the people we see in our own minds!

Gabriel Villarreal and Heather Clifft are the hosts of Informed Consent, a podcast designed to support and nurture incoming mental health clinicians who are in the trenches. Heather is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in anxiety, trauma, family transitions, and counselor supervision. Gabriel is a Resident in Counseling and soon to be Licensed Practicing Counselor, providing therapy at his practice ADHD Counseling, he’s also a coach at his gym, LostBoys Strength and Conditioning. Both join us from Roanoke, Virginia.

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302: Embracing Problems, Finding Happiness

We’re diving head-first into our problems this week thanks to some inspiration from the Godfather of Help himself, Tony Robbins. Our journey is ultimately one of celebrating the lessons we learn from our challenges and adversity in our lives, collecting those experiences, and using them to make us stronger. If you've ever found yourself wandering through your own pain a bit too listlessly, maybe it’s time to sit up, reframe, and face the world anew.  


269: Imposter Syndrome & ADHD

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, you’re a high achiever in some area, though you feel as if your achievements are not the result of training, skill, and intelligence, rather your success is the result of an accident of fate, and you are constantly on the cusp of being discovered as a fraud. This is, of course, something that we all live with at some point or another, but if you’re also living with ADHD, the judgment that you put upon yourself amplifies the negative signals in and around your experience of achievement. 

206: Focusing on your Strengths!

You’re in a job interview. Things are going well! You’re telling stories of your heroism and courage in facing down your greatest foes, growing businesses, the works. Then they ask the question: “Please describe your greatest strengths and weaknesses…"

You freeze! That’s because we, as humans, are terrible at realistically assessing our own strengths and weaknesses. It’s backed by research: we invariably rate our self-assessment either more optimistic or pessimistic compared to others’ observations of us. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable feedback mechanism for determining and validating our strengths as we develop and mature our skills. 

This week on the show, Nikki and Pete talk about the challenges of self-assessment and offer a pair of terrific suggestions that you can use to discover your strengths right now. 

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Photo Credit: "Strength" by Bhope34 (Creative Commons)

106: Creating a Life Around Your Strengths with ADHD

If you're struggling with ADHD, life can feel like a burden. But it doesn't have to be. With a little positive conditioning and evaluation of your core skills, you might just find a new source of structure and hope. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about how to build a life that is focused on your strengths not struggles and frustrations!