Task Management

332: The To-Do App Showdown

Listen to the ToDo System Showdown on Taking Control The ADHD Podcast

This week on the show we’re taking on questions on to-do apps. Pete has been living out of a bunch of the major players in to-do apps and comes ready to share thoughts on Things 3, Todoist, OmniFocus, and more. Which system is right for you? How do you go about testing? What should you be looking for in managing work for ADHD digitally? All that and more on today’s show. 

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Links & Notes

327: Organizing What You Learn

You’re working hard to learn and grow, to discover new things and be a better person, right? But in that process, how do you catalog and internalize all things you’re learning so that you’ll be able to recall them later and use them when you need them most … even when you don’t know when that will be?

298: Time Hacks To Do Right Now! (Plus introducing Organizing Time with ADHD!)

We’re all about time today, and with good reason! Today’s the day we launch Organizing Time with ADHD, Nikki’s latest online course! We walk through the intention of the course today, and just a few of the ins and outs of what you can expect. Then we offer 10 time hacks you can implement right now that will help you get a handle on your time while living with ADHD!

296: Don't Fall Into the ADHD Shame Spiral!

You start things, and then you don’t finish them. It’s the nature of being human to fall off the productivity bandwagon from time to time, but when you’re living with ADHD, what comes with unfinished tasks and projects is a feeling of overwhelm, avoidance, shame, and guilt that can cause you to drift into the shame spiral. Don’t fall for it! The ADHD Shame Spiral is a lie! This week on the show, we’re talking about the shame spiral, and how to break up your work in such a way that you’re finishing as much as you start, and you can celebrate every single accomplishment!

257: The Great Journaling & Planning Systems Review

We got a question some time ago asking about the merits of the Bullet Journal system for ADHD organizing. We’re of two minds on the subject so we thought it might be a good time to review the state of planners, planner systems, and organizing tools that span the range from shorthand scheduling to full-on works of personal art. 

249: Turn Strategy into Action — Blocking and Gating your Time!

We’ve had some great questions and feedback on our last few episodes around ideal schedules. This week, we’re taking this concept a bit further. How do you take a new strategy and implement it to turn it into a lifestyle? How do you handle less desirable tasks — gating and focusing even around the stuff you really don’t want to do? How do you decide what to work on first? These are deceptively simple questions with answers that we often make more complicated than we need. We’ll do our best to untangle them on the show this week!

201: ADHD and Creating a Lifestyle to Crush your Tolerations!

It’s been nearly 100 episodes since we last talked tolerations, and we have (ahem) a lot to report. This week, we’re taking a step back to look at the impact of ADHD noise on our tolerations. We look at the positive emotional and creative impacts of building a lifestyle in which we acknowledge, cultivate, and complete our tolerations.

112: Tolerations 2 — The Crushing Weight of Reality

It's time to check in on progress toward checking off our tolerations list this week on Taking Control. Predictably, lessons are being learned ALL OVER THE PLACE, some simple, some humiliating, all useful! This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright review the reality check that comes with tackling the things in our homes that have gone invisible to us tackling tolerations and lessons learned!

30: Are you wrestling time or managing activity?

There are only 24 hours in every day. No matter how hard we try, how much we wish it to be otherwise, there is simply no way to cram more time our lives. And yet, some of our biggest organizing challenges come from how we think about the time we have. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright take on this issue of time, how we think about it, and offer suggestions for how to manage the activities we take on, rather than the scarce minutes we have on the clock!