10 Questions To Guide You Through ADHD Challenges


The Journey of Self-Discovery

"I'm not sure, if what I'm choosing is a good choice or is out of fear? Or maybe, I'm too soon in this journey of self-discovery to know?"

The quote above came from a listener of our podcast (Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast), her question was centered around the Fear of Losing Interest (FOLI). We're not sure if this a real term, but it is now! Because in the ADHD world, you know exactly what we're talking about! 

In the podcast, Pete and I have a great conversation about FOLI and I ask 10 Questions to our listener. However, these questions aren't designed only for losing interest in projects.

These questions can guide you through any ADHD Challenge you may have. 

Noice, I said guide, not fix or solve any ADHD challenge.... There's a difference.

People often want a black and white answer on how to get through a challenge, unfortunately, it's not that simple.

  • The questions build awareness of the ADHD Challenge and how it affects you personally.

  • They allow reflection and insight on the possibilities for the future.

  • They take you from a place of "Stuck" to moving forward.

  • They provide an opportunity to grow in your self-discovery.

10 Questions To Guide You Through an ADHD Challenge:

  1. Identify the challenge, what's going wrong? Then paint a picture in your mind of a different story. What would it look like if things were going right?

  2. What is it that you really want?

  3. What makes this important to you?

  4. What are your options?

  5. What are you willing to change, give up, or do differently?

  6. If you are second guessing a decision - go back to what it means to you.

  7. What's missing?

  8. What needs to happen to fill the void?

  9. What can you do to make the situation better?

  10. What's the first step you are willing to take as early as today?

Thank you for your time and attention...

Take Care,