"I Can't" is No Longer an Option


How many times have you heard yourself say, "I can’t do A because of B?” 

Most of you reading this will relate to this statement, but what’s even more unbelievable is how often we say these phrases to ourselves and don’t even realize it. We put limitations on ourselves without even knowing we are doing it.

These messages are limiting beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs occur when we have an internal dialogue with ourselves on what we think we can or can’t do. These beliefs dictate who we think we are and how we look at the world.

They impact our decisions in any given situation and it can be very difficult to identify these beliefs the moment they are happening. 


I want to help you identify these beliefs so you can start to challenge them. As Pete says in the Podcast this week, "Is this fact?” Without awareness, we don’t know what to challenge, so we need to make more of an effort to pay attention. 

Pay Attention 

In order to pay more attention to our internal dialogue, we need to listen for the words “I can’t.” Now there are many alternatives that could replace “I can’t,” but to keep things simple, I am going to use this as the example. 

Shift Your Perception 

When you notice that you say “I can’t," I want you to challenge why you think this. Is this true? Is this a fact? Or is it a perception? What if you didn’t say, "I can’t," but asked yourself, "What can I do?" and "What is possible?" Shift the internal dialogue to something that serves you. 


Limiting Belief: 

"I can’t get organized because of my ADHD."

Shifted Belief:

“I am organized in my own way that works for me.” 

“Until now, I haven’t found the right organizing system for me; however, I will find one.” 

Limiting Belief:

“I can’t find the time to exercise."

Shifted Belief:

“I will find time to make myself a priority.”

“Until now, I haven’t made the time, but I am going to today.” 


  • Identify a limiting belief.

  • Challenge the belief.

  • Rephrase the belief to one that serves you.

Another way to challenge your limiting beliefs is to understand your strengths. 

That's why I've created the ADHD Strength Finder!

In just 7 days, I'm going to help you change the way you look at your own ADHD by uncovering your strengths and learning how to use them! 

Thank you for your time and attention..

Take Care,