Starting Again Is A Good Thing


It means you are not giving up!

There’s a pattern of behavior that is very complicated for the ADHD mind. It’s expected but yet so hard to achieve. The expectations are high and often unrealistic.

I’m talking about being consistent.

Being consistent with daily routines, meditating, exercising, using a planner, the list goes on. 

One of the things I know for sure about consistency, is to expect inconsistency. 

In the world of ADHD, there are many reasons why this may be the case…

  1. Bored with the task

  2. Forgot to do the task 

  3. Got distracted 

  4. Ran out of time 

  5. Not as important as it once was 

Instead of measuring your success by consistency, measure it by how you feel when you do the task. 

  • Did it make your day better? 

  • Were you in a better mood? 

  • Did you get more done? 

  • Is it worth doing again? 

If the answers are yes, then it doesn’t matter if you’ve been consistent, do it tomorrow. Sure, it would be ideal if we were consistent, but this is not the only measurement of success. 

Keep trying and don’t give up, there is nothing wrong with starting again tomorrow!

Thank you for your time and attention.