391: Talking to loved ones after your ADHD diagnosis

This week on the show, inspired by a listener request, Nikki and Pete are taking on how to talk to your loved ones after you receive your ADHD diagnosis and give you some tools you can use to frame the conversation to work toward shared understanding and growth.

390: Coach Caroline Maguire answers the question ‘Why will no one play with me?'

ADHD Coach Caroline Maguire is about to celebrate the release of her new book and we’re thrilled she came back to share the story of the book, and why social skills are so critical for kids and adults alike in healthy development.

330: Hearts for ADHD with Jennifer Kampfe

Our guest is Jennifer Kampfe, a certified ADHD coach with Fantastically Focused. Jennifer works with children, teens, college students, parents and adults with ADHD and she’s here today to talk about her program, Hearts for ADHD. She’s helping parents and coaches celebrate the strengths and achievements of kids with ADHD, and teaching them to celebrate the same in themselves!

313: How do I talk to others about my ADHD?

Talking with others about our ADHD can be a tricky subject. If you’re not completely comfortable with your ADHD and how it affects your work and life, talking about it can be surrounded in self-judgment, even if that judgment isn’t reflected in reality. This week on the show, we have two guests and fellow podcasters to help us navigate this conversation and give you some great advice and a sound reality check on talking to others about your ADHD!

312: ADHD, Love & Chores!

Listen to ADHD Love and Chores on Taking Control The ADHD Podcast

This week on the show, we’re picking up where we left off in our conversation with Melissa Orlov last week with key strategies on managing chores in an ADHD/Non-ADHD relationship. How do you maintain peace through the roadblocks of relationship challenges in keeping your home operating smoothly? We review Melissa’s five-step approach and share our ideas that help cement your efforts to even the field in the home. 

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Links & Notes

183: Lessons Learned from Big Transitions in the Home

This week, we’re talking about transitions. It’s a story about a transition in the family, in fact, and the challenges that come as a result of watching those closest to us struggle in spite of our own experience. Nikki Kinzer shares the story of her son’s transition to middle school, and the work they have done as a family to understand both the social and emotional struggles that come with executive function issues at home and school. 

91: Teaching Our Kids to Organize

Going from disorganized to living an organized lifestyle is tough for the best of us. But what about our kids? Introduced to new systems and concepts and responsibilities that come with the pressures of school can quickly lead to overwhelm. This week on Taking Control, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk through key lessons for helping your young kids adjust to new processes and build habits that will last a lifetime.

86: Children, ADHD & Memory

Want to encourage your kids to have a strong memory for process? Building those habits starts early! With attention to building the right habits now, you can overcome the little stresses that can turn into big pressures at home. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright share some of the more common struggles and the accommodations that work around the home.

58: Daily Scheduling and helping kids with ADHD

The set of behaviors that comes with attention deficit can make scheduling, time commitments, and managing daily expectations a real challenge, especially for kids. Over the past several months, we've been exploring scheduling accommodations using our own tools that make helping kids and adults alike make more sense of their own time, and better equipped to handle surprises when they come up. This week on the show, Pete Wright and Nikki Kinzer walk through using the TCO Daily Schedule tool as a key accommodation for helping kids struggling with ADHD to embrace time with greater success.

33: How to stay organized with your family

You put so much work into changing the way you live, and building the new habits you need to take back control in your life. When a family member comes along and shakes up those new habits, it's a recipe for disaster! This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright offer tips for sharing your process with your family, and making sure those most important to you understand how to work with your new lifestyle, and not against it! 

28: The Kids are All Right

Toss a sweatshirt on the couch after a workout. Loose your keys. Open a cabinet and cereal boxes tumble out onto your head. When you start to loose control, are you modeling the right behavior for your kids? That's the big question this week: how do you teach your kids the right behaviors, and when are you sending them astray? This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright take teaching your kids the organized lifestyle, and helping them build the right habits that will serve them for life!

16: Back to School!

Back to school with ADHD Podcast

The long lazy days of summer are coming to an end, and if you've got kids around the house, you know what's coming: Back to School season! But don't let the rush and buzz of back to school take you by surprise this year. You can get organized and be prepared for another year of learning with a few quick tips. This week on the show, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright talk about back to school, and how you can make the transition smoothly!