401: The Procrastination-Anxiety Loop

This week's question comes from a listener: how do you navigate the procrastination-anxiety loop that emerges when hyperfocus and disinterest collide head on? This week on the show, Nikki shares background on the conditions that allow this sort of hyperfocus and procrastination to occur, and tools to shape a response before it happens again.

322: How to avoid sabotaging your day!

Listen to How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Day on The ADHD Podcast

We may start our days with the best intentions. We have our lists and routines, our goals and objectives that we think we’re ready to accomplish. But what happens when you’re thrown off track? What happens when that unexpected phone call delivers some bad news, or the kids get sick, or the car breaks down?

If you don’t have some accommodations in place to account for these surprises, you won’t be able to bounce back! You’ll be unconsciously sabotaging your own day. On the show this week, we’re talking about the things you can do today — and every day — to build your resilience so that you can make more of your days terrific and fulfilling!

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229: How to Like the Holidays Again — Setting Boundaries

Tis the season! Now that we’ve crested Halloween, the roller coaster of the holiday season is ramping up to full speed. It’s easy to let the overwhelm of the season get the better of us, but if you’re struggling with ADHD, that overwhelm can lead to stagnation of a much more serious sort. 

190: Books — "10% Happier" by Dan Harris on Meditation as the Next Great Health Revolution

This week on Navigating Change, we discuss 10% Happier as a source for inspiration in our own evolving meditation practices. Even more, we offer strategies for approaching a mindfulness practice in a forgiving and patient manner, no matter your level of meditation experience.